A comprehensive and robust Apparel Production Planning Software has become the need of the hour for Apparel Manufacturers bearing in mind the complex and labor intensive nature of the Apparel Industry.

Production Managers face big challenges in planning and controlling their activities as the preciseness in planning is measured by on – time shipments whilst making the best use of labor and assuring the availability of required supplies and equipment for each order.

ID-Planner is designed in a way that it helps in planning everything from scheduling each task to execution and delivery.

Key Features

  • Superior architecture allows you to grow with the changing size of your business.

  • Provision to create OB (Operation Bulletin) & SAM’s based workflow.

  • Provision to create customized start up allowance till peak production.

  • Centralized planning board facilitating shared resource planning.

  • Exclusive indicators for high priority orders.

  • Indicators for in-time production or delay.

  • System facilitates smooth splitting of orders into multiple batches/units.

  • Real time comparison of planned v/s actual production.