Why HRMS Software Ain’t as Good as it Used to Be

While incorporating HRMS solution for your business, you have to decide whether to opt for a cloud-based solution or the one that is installed locally also called on-premise.

The basic difference between HR Payroll on-premise solution and HR Payroll on cloud is that the former can be installed locally on the company’s hardware and servers and then managed by your IT department while the latter also called SaaS (Software as a Service) is provided as a service. Under this service, a company’s software and the data associated with it are centrally managed (in the cloud) by the vendor and can be accessed by the customers using a web browser.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of opting for on – cloud service:

  • Initial costs are much lower as compared to on-premise because you just have to implement the software as per your requirements and then access it anywhere through the web using an internet connection.
  • The IT infrastructure is hosted and maintained by the cloud provider thereby ensuring the smooth running of your system, keeping the data secure and effortlessly providing all the product enhancements to your solution without interrupting your previously implemented customizations.
  • It is a completely web-based solution facilitating the integration of multi – locations.
  • The data can be entered at a single point and used in multiple locations. The flow of data from one system to another is seamless and automatic.
  • A cloud-based solution provides real-time attendance and leaves data that can be accessed anywhere at anytime via the internet. This facilitates the HR department to access accurate information on laptops, desktops, smartphones and other tablet devices even while they’re traveling without having to pay any extra fees.
  • HCM on – cloud providers like IDBS not only provide better performance but better security as well. It follows rigorous security, disaster recovery and back – up procedures that are cost effective.
  • HR Payroll on – cloud solution offers an easy pay and use subscription model that eases planning and cash flow management.
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