ERP software-control process to let growth grow

Long gone are those day where manufacturing companies had to maintain a ledger for each step of the manufacturing process.
Long gone are those day when someone opens a tailors shop and is happy with the achievement of catering to the apparel needs of an entire village.
Now the concept of village is not limited to a certain number of houses of a certain area, but is referred to the globe. With the concept of global-village spreading wild and wide, it becomes apparent that a manufacturing unit rises to the challenge of meeting the apparel demands by upgrading itself with necessary tools and processes.
It would be a herculean task to keep track of the requirement, the stage of process and the delivery dates. If one has to keep referring different ledgers or excel sheets every time, the n that person is wasting time not to mention the stress of the job. What if there was software that took care of all this enabling that person to focus more on designs and better designs that would put the company on top in the ‘list of Brands’.
ERP software is designed to meet the requirements of such an apparel manufacturing unit. In an apparel manufacturing unit, an incoming order, demands raw material for various departments and manpower with specific skill set to transform the raw material into desired apparels.
Consider a scenario when it is time to allocate budgets to improve or better facilitate department(s). It would take maybe a month’s preparation to prepare a compressive sheet of all department and the expenses they incur in order to allocate budgets. When faced with the rise of such a futuristic agenda in the meeting, instead of deferring to address it. With ERP software, instead of may be a month it could be may be 30 seconds. With ERP software you will be empowered to address it then and there, as this software will display such information in a single page making it convenient to compare and decide. This fine management of data enabling better judgement resulting absolute process control helps in futuristic decisions that will saves valuable time and reduces stress, enabling or giving the person sufficient time for a tea break and come up with competitive ideas of growth, resulting in growth.
During budget allocation time, it is possible that a department maybe shut down just because the management is unaware of its contributions. With ERP software, the software that keeps track of all the details of every department it is possible the management becomes aware of the departments contribution even when under facilitated. Then the management instead of cutting a limb may put armor on it facilitating better functioning which could result in performance improvement in downstream processes leading to growth.
Budget allocation is a time when all the departments and units of a manufacturing unit come under scrutiny and everything is reviewed. If during such a critical decision making time all the relevant data is not available or presented in a comprehensive way, all the decisions could be based on assumptions and lead to disaster. With ERP software which is designed to hold all information or rather all critical information of all the processes of all the departments, and this data can easily be displayed in a comprehensive easily cognizable way. The resulting decision will definitely be a progressive one. Culmination of such progressive decisions is the definition of growth.
ERP software is designed as a user-friendly and all processes encompassing software. This software will hold information or detailed data starting from the very first step of the process of apparel manufacturing which is order placement by client through till the consignment is signed-off by the client.
With ERP software, such all-encompassing software housed on cloud, all the decision making, keeping track on processes and supply of raw material at your fingertips it is but an eventuality that growth is constant and not even plateauing.
Using ERP software to keep better track and have better process control is a demonstration of the ‘principle of square’ which is ‘rectify one angle of the square, the other angles rectify themselves’. With ERP software managing and channelizing your resources and material is much simpler and more controlled; growth is but an eventuality in time.

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