How to reduce cost and have a hazel free travel in a corporate environment

The magnitude of business in a corporate office involves intense travelling. This translates into quite substantial amount as cost of travelling. All most all corporate offices look for software for travel claim management. This search is for effective management to reduce cost.

And also to make it hazel free for you not to log in to your laptop all the time, a mobile version of the travel claim management is available. This version is made with the thought of using all the advanced technology available on your smart phone. With this you can easily carry it around in your pocket.

In the preceding paragraphs, a few features often opted for in a travel claim management software is discussed.

Authorised billing
In a scenario where there is no system to track who is travelling to which destination, it is quite possible that more than one person or the same person is travelling to the same destination repeatedly and the tasks are not completed to satisfaction.

With travel claim management software, it becomes compulsory to enter your travel schedules for further processing. Once it is entered in the system, the authorising manager in the hierarchy will have to approve. This information on travel adds to convenience, the approving manager can easily know where the travel is scheduled and assign tasks to be completed in the entire region to make the travel more result oriented and productive.

Once the travel is approved all the concerned departments will get a notification for further processing. This prevents the travelling candidate to run around for the necessary arrangements for travel. Instead all the necessary authorisations are uploaded to the system.

Hazel free travel management
Since all the travel schedules are entered in the system, the respective departments will get a notification, after all approvals are obtained the bookings of tickets and stay will initiate to be completed well on time. This facilitates the travelling candidate to stay focused on task at hand to prepare for all the meetings or all the tasks that need to be completed on this travel.

After all the necessary arrangement and bookings are done, the same is uploaded to the system which can easily be accessed by the candidate using ESS from anywhere in the world.

In another scenario, it will come to notice if the candidate is travelling to the same destination repeatedly possibly for the same job. These kind of irregularities will come to notice and can be questioned. Since the system also has the capacity of MIS reporting, it will invariably come to notice when the management is reviewing or doing an analysis of travel in a particular quarter. This prevents unnoticed irregularities and everything is reported.
Where arranging for a travel is made easy, at the same time checks on irregularities are also put in place. This makes the entire process hazel free and audit approvable.

Pre-defined tariffs
It is a well-known fact and a herculean task for the accounts department to scrutinise travel bills submitted for reimbursement. With travel claim management, there is a master set form which the management can define and set the tariffs for each designation or pay grade.

With the pre-defined tariffs, when a candidate is uploading all the claims in the system for reimbursement, there will be no possible scope for manipulation. Since all the tariffs are pre-defined, the system will not allow entering a number more than the permitted amount of tariff.

With ever thing in the system subject to approval, the leakage in budget for travel is under check. This by itself is cost control and not to mention quite a saving.

Project costing
Every year the management allots certain budget to each department considering the cost necessary to complete a project. Which is nothing but project budgeting. To maximise the utilisation of this budget, it is absolutely necessary to know all the cost incurred by the project.

Travelling is one area which if not checked and controlled will dry up the entire budget before you know it. With travel claims management in place every penny spent on travelling is accounted for. By knowing how much is spent on which aspect of the project, it will become crystal clear as where the budget is spent. This will empower you to channelize and use resources to optimal use of its potential.

All through the system
A candidate travelling on corporate business will necessarily need support. This support could be necessary information to complete the task at hand, or extended travel plans, necessary authorisation to travel, to stay and many more such items on the list. If all this required information had to be sent via mail and print outs of the same had to be taken, will involve a lot of repeated calls. All this is cost to the company or the corporate office.

With a travel assistant software in place, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it goes without saying will be of great help. When all the necessary information to support the candidate travelling on corporate business is uploaded to the system, it becomes invariably convenient to support and also be focused on the task at hand. This will definitely reduce all the cost of printing, repeated calling and all the associated nuances.

The Travel claim management software from IDBS is one such software which has put a smile on many corporate offices as such.

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