Reasons to have an effective vehicle tracking system

A fast paced business environment demands the unit heads to have all the necessary information on
their fingertips. This is especially necessary to ensure optimal use of resources available in fleet

An effective vehicle tracking system will definitely make it convenient and empower the unit heads
and management to better utilise the available vehicles in their company fleet.Few most sought after features of an effective vehicle tracking system are discussed in the preceding

Fleet management
The magnitude of business of a corporate office requires a decent number of vehicles in its fleet. And if this fleet is operated at the whims and fancies of the employees, it can incur a huge amount of
cost which could be actual loss to the company.

With a smart and effective vehicle tracking system in place, all unauthorised use of vehicles can be tracked. With such a system in place, it becomes compulsory to enter a request to use a vehicle. This empowers the fleet manager to better utilize the limited resources available.

It is quite a possibility that without a fair knowledge of the destinations on a route more than one vehicle could be used. A smart vehicle tracking system which has pre-loaded maps makes it convenient to better utilise the available vehicles to get maximum tasks completed.

The pre-defined routes of daily pick up and drop are already planned to get maximum results. But, the off-beat requests to depute a vehicle to pick up a client or drop a client or a vehicle to take someone from the senior management to a meeting are not pre-defined. These requests have to be prioritised and managed. A smart vehicle tracking system will make it possible to put such requests together to plan a route for the best use of the limited resources.

With such a system in play, it becomes compulsory to enter all the deputations of all the vehicles. And in such a scenario if there is a duplication of entry, the system will alert and due corrective measures can be implemented to better utilise all the resources.

This will not only result in better fleet management but also increase fuel efficiency, which is a saving in its own terms.

Route management
Many corporate offices use 3 rd party vehicles or fleet for their daily use. With a smart vehicle tracking system in place, all the routes run by the third party for company business can be entered and monitored. This can easily be tallied with the invoice submitted to ensure accuracy. With such a smart system in place, there is no scope for any manipulation or biased bill approval.

Give an inch and take a yard, implementing this in route management seems to be a smart move. Deputing a vehicle and associated resources to all the destinations on a designated route may appear as loss of time but then, all the work to be done on that route is completed. If when calculated it will definitely appear this also saved time along with so much resource.

With a smart vehicle tracking system, which has the capacity to design routes to include maximum destinations with minimum efforts is the most effective method resulting in the best utilisation of all available resources. The cumulative effect is efficient management of resources resulting in optimal use of resources and a lot of saving.

Breakdown history and vehicle maintenance
All machines need regular maintenance and upkeep. Keeping track of this could be a herculean task only to be reminded when the vehicle breaks down. An effective vehicle tracking system which holds all the information of the vehicle and with all the upcoming maintenance schedules will send an alert of the same.

With such a smart system in play, these alerts for vehicle services, renewal of all the necessary certificates and permits will happen like clockwork with no extra efforts. The smart solution also has the capacity to give a report on a vehicle which has broken down too many times, in terms of the feasibility of further investment to repair or service the vehicle for further use. This means to say, if once all the necessary information is entered in the system, the system will take care of all the necessary operations of the vehicle.

Driver history
A smart and effective vehicle tracking system will definitely have a feature that will allow the company to have all the information of the driver. And rightfully it is necessary to know the past performance of the driver, the complains and grievances of the driver over a particular period of time or even know the rise or fall in the performance graph of the driver. All this information will facilitate in the appraisal of the driver. It will also empower the payroll to effectively calculate all the over-time (OT) in time to be included in the salary pay-out.

With rise in traffic, and safety regulations becoming more stringent it becomes absolutely necessary to know who is appointed as a driver of the company vehicle. Appointing a driver who is familiar with all most all the company routes necessary for business and entering this information in the system will be a data bank by itself. This databank will facilitate the management to better plan the routes and delegate the right vehicle to the right person.

This data bank will also help in allocating the driver with right experience to the most suitable vehicle for a particular route. This will increase output and also the reliability on the driver. This system will also put up a red flag if the driver has violated traffic rules more than tolerable number of times.

With this smart effective vehicle tracking system, all the fleet operations of the company will be under a protective shield, with the system taking care of all the necessary operations by putting up alerts there could be nothing that can go wrong.

Vehicle tracking system using smart phones All vehicles in a company will not be used for goods transportation alone, there will be vehicles that transporting personals also. For those who use company vehicle for company business, it becomes necessary to enter the request in the system and use only on approval. When a request is entered in the system using your smart phone, the approval is based on priority.

If there is more than one request for destinations on a same route, the approval could be on sharing basis, or however the fleet manager deems fit. Also, it is convenient to track the vehicle on your smart phone to be picked up or dropped concluding the journey and the requirement of the vehicle. This not only stops misuse of the vehicle but also increase efficiency and optimal use of vehicles. The smart and effective vehicle tracking system designed by IDBS has already put many smiles on many industry leaders.

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