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Irrespective of the business you run. You will have so many financial transactions on a daily basis, either to pay a vendor or you are paid for your services or goods. Now, is it possible for you to keep track of all the financial transactions, the material that comes in or goes out, or how many personals are deployed in the field? How many are on contract and how many are your employees. Sounds like a herculean task.

The very word business means ‘to make money’, if you are caught up with menial work of keeping track of the daily activities, then who is doing your job of improving and/or expanding your business.
SAGE be it SAGE ERP or SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP, these software’s are designed to take care of all the smallest details of your business so as to keep you busy with more important business expansion work.

Say for example you are in healthcare business, and then there will be a daily supply of medical supplies for your out-patient care facility, for your operation theatres, for the admitted patients in your care and so on. How do you keep track of what is ordered and what was supplied and how much was ordered and how much was supplied? What if in someone forgets to enter some important supply and in an emergency situation that critical supply is not available. Your entire organisation is at risk of facing non-compliance issues and reputation at stake. With SAGE ERP software with Supply-chain management as an integral part, you could easily keep track of this entire process without giving it a second thought. This Supply-chain management feature was designed to facilitate and empower you to better control the orders and supply. With this feature all that is needed is an entry of what went out of the store and this will automatically reflect in all the associated charts culminating in your balance sheet with GST management. When all the running around to keep the healthcare business running is taken care by this software, you do not have to think twice, cross-check and worry about anything…equals peace of mind.

Even if your business is a snack-bar, the reputation of the snack bar is based on the unique taste and timely food that it serves to its patrons. This translates to maintaining or improving the quality of food and service. For this you will require continuous supply of all the material, be if raw ingredients or housekeeping material. Are you sure, you are able to keep up and keep track of the increasing demand of these supplies or do you learn from falling short and then remembering to increase the quantity of the order of a certain supply. This can lead to your snack bar being snatched away for under-maintenance, or sub-standard quality of food. With SAGE ERP, the software integrated with features like supply chain management you could easily keep track of the increasing demand, the quantity of supplies, and a whole array of supplies. All this requires is an entry of what went out of the store room; this will automatically update all the relevant charts and culminate in your balance sheet with GST management. When every smallest detail is taken care of, your mind is at rest meaning you have peace of mind then you could as well focus on innovative snacks that will put your business on the world map.

In the apparel industry, calculating the quantity of supply and the time of its availability is critical. Even if the smallest difference in supply like if you are one spool of thread short the entire production stops. And if you default on the delivery date, or the quality or anything the organisations reputation is at stake. Instead of making money you will be losing money. With SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP which comes with features like operation bulletin, supply chain management, time and action and all its associated features, all it requires is an entry of your order based inventory of material. The integrated software will calculate the quantity of raw material, the time the raw material should be available, and all this keeping in mind the date of delivery. This integrated software will take care of all the smallest details giving you a complete picture of what was bought, what and how much is used and how much is available and so on culminating in a balance sheet with GST management. When the software is doing all this you literally do not have to worry about anything, all you need is take a look at the sheet and you will have a complete picture. Meaning to say all the small slips or notes you carry around to remember to check or do is no longer required. Long story short you are granted peace of mind.

These groups of integrated software’s are designed with the concept of ‘attention to detail’. Irrespective of the industry of business, all one has to do is select the criteria’s from the master set of the software to suit your business requirement. When the integrated software gives you ecstatic level peace of mind, you will obviously be thinking of more, which is expansion of business, which eventually put you and your business on the world map.

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