SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP- convenience is convenient

Every apparel manufacturing factory will have a planning board. But then does your board give you all the information or is it limited to information on batches and style under production. What if you want all the information from stock to work in progress to batch(s) available to you any time you want, do you have to run around trying to gather such information.

When you are having a business meeting and it is almost finalising and you have to present tentative dates to get a possible order or even a possible provisional order. It would be so frustrating and undoing if you are losing only because you are not sure of the dates available. It is undyingly inevitable to have all information at your disposal to confidently commit even to tentative dates. With SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP, the integrated software that gives you a complete picture of the available resources, stock, the number of available batch(s) and the available time, you will inevitably dominate the meeting. As you go to the meetings confidently with SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP, you will not only have all the necessary information but also use this software to predict the possible constrains you may face along with their solutions, then you are conveniently dominating the meeting as well as the industry as such.

Does it take the same amount of time to stich maybe a shirt all the time even if the quality of the fabric changes, apparently not? Does your production board or any other means you implement calculate this? What if the miss in calculating this fine detail cost you time resulting in loss? With SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP, the integrated software, every minute detail is calculated. If there is a change in the quality of fabric, change in style, an additional something on the shirt, all you have to do is conveniently use the ‘Operation bulletin’ integrated in the software and you will have the complete picture of the production starting from purchasing the fabric to delivering the goods. With all the details considered and accounted for in the estimation, it is convenient to confidently pursue the order. The operation bulletin is specifically designed for convenience of ‘Order based tracking’, which is an essential must for any successful apparel industry, to have real time information at hand-all time. With all these minute details considered and accounted for, every minute saved is as good as every minute earned.

Keeping track of the production quantity using the planning board is good, but is it sufficient to keep track of time. To keep track of quantity to be produced per day, to keep track of the raw material required, to keep track of the resources and their availability. What if with all your good intentions and efforts you finish all the production only to realise you do not have sufficient time to deliver the goods. With SAGE SAM’s Apparel ERP, the integrated software, you can actually have all the information of what is produced, what are work in progress and all the related information at just a click. With this software you can have information on the style, which batch is engaged, what % work is completed and more importantly the information on “are you or will you be able to complete on time” and if not what measure are necessary to do so. With this you can conveniently monitor or track the progress of production, conveniently plan the future or additional work. Long story short, you can conveniently work to produce to potential.

Convenience is convenient because, you will not have to worry even about minute details of the production, when this integrated software can take care of it. You could actually use that time on planning the expansion of your business.

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