Save money now to keep losing it

It is inevitable that you know the exact status of your assets and liabilities to run a business successfully. But what if there are unnoticed or hidden leak areas which are depleting your resources. What if there are leaches in the organisation that are draining you and your resources. There are so many such scenarios that you may or may not be aware of, and you may have put so many checks to minimalize this draining of resources. And finally you have given up thinking it is part of the package.

What if there is a solution to all of such issues, that you have accepted as “part of the package to run a business”.
It is towards the close of the financial year when the auditors give you scary numbers as tax returns, and the more scary part is when you are given intelligent advice on how to avoid taxes, and almost every time such ideas are not implementable. All this ends in you paying more tax and extra to the auditor to manipulate and make it ‘ok’. With SAGE, the “GST compliant” software also housing an accurate Supply Chain Management which is an integral part of the software, which can keep track of all your financial transactions to order based tracking level and give you actual numbers as tax returns after every financial transaction, you can actually know where, why and how you spend every penny. This will enable you to direct or redirect your resources for better results and then success will be but an event.

Getting business orders is a desired event for business. But, when you get an order, are you aware of all the resources available or do you have to spend time. Spending time to get all the necessary information is as good as losing money. And even if you get all the required information, how accurate or reliable is that information. With SAGE Apparels ERP, which has “Time and Action” feature, the predictive software which can show you ‘Real time and Accurate information of the availability of resources and more importantly make you aware of the possible constrains, you could with confidence plan the processing and delivering of that order as you have all the necessary information at hand on a single page.

It is a known fact that manipulation occurs to impress the “Decision Makers” in a company. What if by assuming that to be true, and you plan a business venture only to fall flat on your face. Then you fire the person or close that unit, it will make no difference as your reputation in the field is affected. And in business more often than not, business orders are based on reliability and reputation. With SAGE, the “manipulation proofed” software, which comes with integrated features to accurately track all events and transactions from production planning to deliverables and an specifically added feature that is the requirement of an authentication to re-enter or alter an entry. This definitely will give you the accurate picture of your finance and resource status, you can plan the entire business venture and also be rest assured of the company’s reputation.

The question of how “saved money is lost” is still not completely answered… The deliberation or decision not to invest now on this software, you are definitely saving a lot of money, but, eventually you are losing money continuously through cracks and leaks in your business as explained earlier and many other possible ways. It is a norm fact, behind every successful business there are wise investments. Invest now to know your resources and constrains better, to plan better to venture better and be as or more successful.

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