A Case Study of "SAMS Apparel ERP" Implementation in Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd (IDEPL) By ID Business Solutions


Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd

From humble beginnings in 1993, Indian Designs Exports Pvt. Ltd has grown considerably and cemented its position as a trusted and preferred vendor to well-known companies around the world. With headquarters in Bangalore, the company has 14+ manufacturing units with a workforce of 15,000 spread across Karnataka and other neighboring states with an installed capacity of 10,000 machines and a production capacity of 3 million pieces each month.

IDEPL is equipped with specialized capabilities to manufacture:

  • Woven Tops
  • Woven Bottoms
  • Knit Woven Combinations
  • Home Furnishings

The Group's turnover for the year 2015-16 is close to $100 million.

SAMS Apparel ERP – A smart ERP suite for the Apparel Industry

The major challenges faced in IDEPL prior to the implementation of SAMS Apparel ERP:

  • Lack of an integrated solution:The complex apparel manufacturing process requires close coordination between all the departments and hence a fully integrated solution was required as the purpose was not being served with the use of separate standalone modules.
  • Lack of a single information center for all the departments:Duplication of work as a result of standalone modules took a lot of time ultimately affecting quick decision making and hence a single common information center for all the departments was the need of the hour.
  • Production planning for multiple production units: To plan the production activities for more than 14 production units spread across different geographical locations and thereafter keeping a track of each activity was indeed a daunting task.
  • Inventory ManagementKeeping a close watch over the inflow and outflow of inventory across different units along with order based inventory reconciliation was another major challenge.
  • Real time inputs from EXIM Management As standalone EXIM module was used, real time updates of receivables and payables had posed a major challenge.
  • Ensuring data securityAs traditional financial and other standalone modules were used in IDEPL, there was no user log control and ensuring effective audit control system was a bigger challenge.
  • Moreover, the planning board is so flexible that it splits orders into multiple batches or combines them as the situation demands.
  • SAMS facilitates the users to track the production status not only based on the product but also based on different batches, factories and processes involved.
  • It not only facilitates conversion of raw materials into finished products but also takes care of raw material consumption based on daily production.
  • As SAMS is multi-currency compatible and fully integrated with SCM, Production, EXIM and Finance, it has served them as a single point reference to all the departments and provides better audit controls.
  • Through pre-defined user access rights, SAMS provides better audit control and data security.

These are the different ways in which SAMS has helped IDEPL to address the above mentioned challenges:

  • SAMS is built on SAGE SDK(a smart and reliable technology trusted by 6 million users across the globe) which has helped IDEPL in integrating the various manufacturing processes carried on in different geographical locations ultimately resulting in real time updates.
  • Through its various user friendly features, SAMS has helped merchandisers to manage their respective buyer orders in a more professional way as well as to effectively coordinate and follow – up between different departments internally thereby ensuring in time decision making and on time deliveries.
  • SAMS has helped IDEPL in maintaining order based inventory levels and facilitates order based procurement (with pre – defined tolerance mechanism) and consumption based on actual production.
  • It has also helped them to manage their raw material processing including item cost adjustments resulting from shrinkage/damages/short receipts.
  • SAMS has greatly helped IDEPL in planning their production activities by providing a centralised single planning board for multiple units of production.
  • The Planning Board not only gives an idea about the raw material stock status of the order under production but also highlights the probable/expected delays.

Thus, SAMS Apparel ERP with its industry specific features has successfully addressed the core challenges of IDEPL and helped them in achieving maximum capacity utilization, clearing production bottlenecks and improving the overall productivity.

Client Testimonials

"We are using ERP Software solutions provided by IDBS since 2007 and it has greatly helped us in improving the quality and efficiency of our business operations."


"SAMS Apparel ERP is a one stop solution which provides us real time information of all core activities right from order confirmation to shipment"

- MR. MUTHURAMAN M. - DGM Marketing

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