Industry Verticals

Supply Chain Management

In today’s scenario, there is a need to address the complex requirements of suppliers and customers, therefore the distributors need to offer an extensive blend of products. IDBS applications allow you to penetrate new markets, gain and maintain customer loyalty, and improve the ability to serve your existing customers as well.

We provide complete services that assist your organization throughout the process of ERP selection, ERP Implementation, and organizational change management. Screen and deal with your inventory network more productively, at a lesser cost. Your clients and suppliers gain continuous access to essential and precise data in order to improve your primary concern.

Our SAGE 300 Operations and Distribution Management software designed for industries dealing with Supply Chain Management helps you to integrate and automate your distribution processes, reduce costs and increase profitability, improve customer service, and manage inventory across multiple locations and also helps you to spot seasonal demand patterns, summarize the value of the items you have on hand, and summarize the profit on items sold during the year.

Our SCM Solution comprised of Purchasing and Subcontracting, Inventory and Sales and Shipping engages you to accomplish general business visibility, and synchronize production network administration with the client request and also supports the management and movement of raw materials, work – in – progress inventory, and finished goods from a given point of origin to the ultimate point of consumption.

IDBS’s SCM Solution is designed to make your business more efficient and productive, regardless of the size and scope of your channel of distribution. Our software maintains all prime considerate areas like product details, vendor/seller details, money flow, accounting details and customer details. Using multiple methodologies forecasts can be created automatically for individual items based on current history.

IDBS’s SAGE 300 is the most robust of ERP systems which tackles supply chain management issues, reduce supplier lead-times, and control inventory while delivering the highest level of sales orders and line fill-rates for the end user customer or value added distributors. SAGE 300 is optimized for a wide variety of distributors which empowers you to strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle, from purchasing all the way through sales, with unparalleled efficiency and control.

SCM Modules

  • Inventory
  • Bill of Materials/Kitting
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Warehouse Management
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Service Manager
  • Project and Job Costing
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Supply Chain Management Suite Features:

  • You can know the item stock availability along with value based on locations.
  • Lot and serial numbers for the items can be created (lot number and expiry details along with purchase and sales information).
  • Additional costs incurred for transfer of items from one location to the other can be booked to respective transactions.
  • Complete item purchase and sales analysis can be done at ease.
  • The System helps you to manage blanket orders, generate requisition based on re – order level.
  • All reports including purchase orders can be generated either in PDF or excel format.
  • System is multi – currency compatible. It automatically generates currency exchange gain/loss for every foreign currency transaction.
  • At any given point of time, you can compare the ordered quantity and the balance quantity deliverables.
  • Our system helps you to convert your raw materials into finished products through assemblies and also helps you to make a different item pack.
  • Our system is tightly integrated with finance based on item cost. The system automatically updates the COGS for every sales transaction.