Digitalization has helped in enhancing of Visitor Management System in a more safe and secure manner while keeping up with current tech trends resulting in a reliable & robust solution.

Some of the latest digital enhancements seen in today’s Visitor Management System are contactless sign-in solutions as stated below:

  1. Contactless Visitor Registration: QR code generated through pre-registration of visitors via SMS/Emails enables visitors to instantly check-in & check-out digitally with their personal devices by simply scanning a QR code instead of checking-in through a touch-based common device. This allows a secure, faster, hassle-free check-in & check-out process.
  2. Face Recognition Based Check-in with Facial Mask Detection: This system is based on verifying visitor’s &employees face it takes into account various factors of each face like distance of eyes, forehead from the chin, lip contour to determine a match if the system finds a match it grants permission otherwise denies. It takes just seconds to verify a face with high accuracy level, also minimizes human errors & frauds when compared to manual verification. Facial mask detection enables to detect visitors & employees with mask and grants access, failing to which restricts access and sends alert to the authorized person. It can be connected to any surveillance system. This system uses IP & CCTV cameras combined with computer vision in order to detect visitors and employees with & without masks.

Helps to verify unauthorized visitors to access the premises by restricting their access and alerting the security team. The blacklisted visitors can be identified from their previous data and the system doesn’t allow generating any check-in process, any request from a blacklisted visitor sends an alert. This ensures safe and secure work premises.


  1. Thermal Scanning: A contactless body temperature screening solution integrated with Visitor Management Software authorizes access to visitors based on their body temperature and blocks access to the high-risk visitors &sends alerts to the security team. This allows only healthy visitors in the premises keeping premises hazard-free, safe, and secure for the visitors & employees.
  2. Touchless Hand Sanitization: It is a touch-free automatic sensor by which visitors can disinfect their hands with zero contact and is integrated with an access control system in order to ensure visitors who are granted access have clean & sanitized hands to prevent the spread of viruses.

These are few digital trends inspired by the pandemic for a safe &secure Visitor Management System.

In this pandemic, a touch-less solution to manage visitors has gained immense importance making the above features essential that no visitor management software can afford to overlook.

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