Simplifying your front desk with a visitor management system helps you reap a lot of benefits and opportunities which leads to improved efficiency of your organization.

Below are a few methods that illustrate how to streamline your visitor check-in process with a digital Visitor Management System:

Visitor Tracking:

Basically, the visitor management system is the digital replica of the visitor’s sign-in sheet. It is a digital way to keep track of visitors who have entered your premises. Visitors use a self-service check-in process that enhances a visitor’s overall experience and improves overall security.

Analyzing your visitor’s journey gives you a detailed overview of every aspect of your visitor registration process. It gives you a roadmap for the areas that you can enhance and streamline.

Optimize Data Collection: 

A manual visitor registration system is time-consuming.  You can minimize data collection by reviewing the visitor form based on the following parameters:

o   * Are you gathering data that is appropriate to the present and future visits of your visitors?

o   * How will your visitors benefit?

o   * Is the information easily accessible?

Thus, compressing data collection for visitor check-in can help reduce the chances of violating data privacy regulations.


With the automated visitor management system, visitors can self-check-in on their own without any assistance or intervention from others.

 The automated visitor management system with a touch-based kiosk, such as an iPad/tablet, offers a simplified form and self-service information portal. It disseminates security information easily and conveniently. Also visitors can check-in through their mobile devices.


Digitalization is the main business thing now. In this digital era, why are we still using a manual process? We need a digital system for surveillance, productivity, and efficiency.

Digitalization of VMS helps in combating the current pandemic with its touchless technology like touchless visitor check-in where visitors use their smart phones to self-check-in using a QR code. This in turn limits the potential spread of COVID-19.

Some of the other advantages of digitalization are:

o   * Simplified process

o   * Improved workplace security, office productivity, data protection

o   * Lack of time consumption

o   * Minimizes the use of paper

o   * No manual data management required

o   * It offers 24*7 hours activity

o   Visitors self-check-in without any help

Pre- Registrations: 

Many companies do pre-process for their visitor’s convenience such as pre-booking, pre-orders, pre-reservation, and so on. Likewise, you may also pre-register your visitors before they arrive to enhance their visiting experience.

On confirming their meetings, most of the details can be pre-filled in the VMS dashboard. Once the visitors arrive, they may sign the required form & capture their photo for badge generation. This speeds up the entire registration process.

Streamlining your visitor registration process not only benefits the visitors but also adds to the overall success of your workplace keeping it safe and mitigating the risk of spreading COVID -19.

It provides visitors with a seamless experience. With this system, your front desk will also contribute to boosting the overall efficiency of your workplace.

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