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Core HR

Workforce Management is a highly critical element amongst the set of levers available for businesses to achieve their goals. Effective management of workforce ensures long term sustainability of organizations.

ID – Paytek, a payroll software designed by experts keeping in mind the essential needs of organizations is a very powerful HR management tool that takes care of all core HR activities in an organization. One of the main challenges faced in organizations is matching the availability of skills with demand. ID – paytek is well equipped to take care of all such requirements. The core HR module in paytek facilitates you to track the complete employee life cycle activities and other extensive employee information. Other functions such as transfers, promotions and deputations are also enabled.

Employee Movements:

The robustness of this HR payroll software is that it empowers and strengthens your organization by facilitating easy movement of human resources to places where they are required. HR functions such as transfers, promotions and deputations are also enabled which may be required when an employee’s assignment is changed and they are required to move across different positions, grades and locations. The historical record of the employees is well maintained for future references.

Centralized Personnel Information Management (CPIM):

Paytek consolidates the entire personal information of employees across various locations into a safe and centralized information store that can be accessed from anywhere in a secure & controlled manner without the risk of data loss. Further, this payroll management software is well equipped to generate personalized employee reports as and when required by the management thereby enabling them to take better and informed decisions.

It’s time now to get rid of those traditional complex spreadsheets and heaps of paper files and switch to a new and modern online approach to maintain employee profiles. It saves your valuable time from time consuming administrative tasks and ensures you stay well organized and accurate.

Salary Information & History:

Another noteworthy feature of Paytek payroll software is that it presents the salary information in a timeline pattern showing the entire revision history. Any variable components, incentives or bonuses given to employees are displayed in an integrated single view thereby ensuring that the employees do not miss out on any payments made to them beyond the CTC.

Employee Documents:

Paytek HRMS system is enabled with an effective document management system that allows employees to upload and maintain their identity, education, work experience and internal performance docs in a single screen which is protected with high level privacy mechanism.

ID – Paytek ESS / on mobile

Business leaders in organisations are always under extreme pressure to meet business goals and therefore the availability of information anywhere and anytime is highly crucial for them. Ensuring mobility is the key element to multi task and complete business commitments and deliverables on the go.

More often than not we experience a lot precious time being wasted on routine and mundane HR tasks which results in ill and improper administration of employee data. Therefore, by empowering the employees with the necessary tools the time spent on such mundane tasks can be reduced and efficiency can be considerably increased.

Employee Self Service module – as an essential part of the HR payroll software has greatly changed the way HR staff and employees interact with each other. It enables the employees themselves to update all their personal information within a set of defined security parameters without any aid of the HR staff.

Through paytek, an employee can directly access his personal and payroll details such as appraisals, pay slips, time – sheet bookings, leave applications, IT support and other related information. The employees working on – site can access this HR payroll solution to record the time spent on each project or assignment and other crucial business activities. This leads to less time being spent on HR tasks as well as it boosts employee engagement and interaction across teams.

The employees can check their attendance status with specific details related to deductions based on the company’s leave & attendance policy.

An employee can view the employee directory to get information of his team members or even the employees including photo, designation, email ID, extension number etc. Employees can themselves regularize their attendance to correct any possible mistakes/missing details etc.

Make your HR department a paperless department with paytek. The turnaround time gets reduced by ensuring that the company policies are enforced at the application stage itself. The system generated emails connect all the stakeholders together thereby reducing transaction time and cost.

Hence, a comprehensive employee self service (ESS) module with inbuilt checks, workflows and approvals enables the employees and managers to update and record information simultaneously and change requests can take place instantly and approvals can be given by concerned authorities. Additionally, the option of on-the-move through web or mobile makes the employees efficient from anywhere across the world.

Paytek offers on mobile device solutions to enhance the user experience with a simple philosophy which states “If one can use his device, he can very well use our solution”. One need not undergo any special training to be able to use this HR solution, it is so simple. Paytek has been conceptualized and designed with a deep insight into the device’s capabilities, the usage scenarios and the user’s skill set. This HRMS solution also enhances employee productivity by ensuring the availability of key information anytime, anywhere. It helps the employee to manage multiple self – service transactions on the go and the managers can process multiple transactions pertaining to their respective teams even while they’re commuting, at home, travelling on work or in meeting far from desk.