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SAMS Apparel ERP

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SAMS Apparel ERP is a perfect suite that automates the entire operations of garment manufacturing process and makes it highly simple and intuitive which ultimately improves customer satisfaction and helps you to have better control of your business.

This garment manufacturing software is exclusively designed for the garment manufacturing and export industry which aims at keeping a track of all the merchandising and shop floor operations like order lead management, costing, material planning and procurement, raw material processing, production planning, inventory management, EXIM process etc.

This ERP solution is designed by professionals having expertise on apparel manufacturing process using SAGE SDK (a technology trusted by 6 million users across the globe). Some of the module wise key features of this solution are:


  • The system facilitates in classifying and maintaining domestic & export orders separately.
  • System allows to update buyer orders with combination of shades and delivery dates.
  • Simple and effective costing with budgetary controls (Based on Quantity + tolerance).
  • Standard Templates can be created and used for repetitive tasks like costing, resource planning, BOM etc.
  • Provision to generate BOQ based on item color/size etc.
  • System auto generates item masters (Raw materials & Finished product) based on order confirmation and BOQ.
  • Provision to amend buyer orders with due authorization.
  • Buyer order Update based on multiple color or shade can be done at ease, and also a master BOQ can be generated for common items along with unique shade items.
  • Order based reconciliation and ascertainment of profitability.
  • Merchandisers can be grouped based on the buyers they manage.

Material Procurement and Planning

  • Classification of Items into groups & sub – groups which helps in effective analysis & control and each item can be linked to different work process.
  • Provision to link in-house alternative items to the BOM along with relevant auto stock adjustments and General Ledger changes.
  • Automated Material Indent creation.
  • Effective Inventory control (Procurement based on Buyer Order/Quantity + tolerance).
  • Buyer/Order/Location based reports help to analyze the item procurement and in – house stock status.
  • System gives flexibility to manage multiple warehouses based on units, raw materials and products.
  • System manages complete raw material processing including item cost adjustments resulting from shrinkage/damage/short receipt.
  • System facilitates Job Work billing and the same is integrated with Planning board.


  • Integration of multiple companies along with their resources.
  • Product based workflow creation.
  • Raw material allocation based on workflow.
  • Automated BOM for product assembly based on workflow.
  • Provision to create OB (Operation Bulletin) & SAM’s based workflow.
  • Provision to create customize startup allowance till peak production.
  • Auto transfer of rejected Semi finished/Finished goods to left over stores.
  • Order based rejection analysis can be done at ease.
  • Common Holiday List and Unit based holiday list can be set.


  • Single Planning Board for multiple companies.
  • Customisable planning boards.
  • Shared resource planning on common board (Ex. Cutting Units/Sewing Batches/Washing Units etc.).
  • Order Specific Material Status based on multiple locations/companies.
  • Through SAMS Production Planning, manufacturers can achieve maximum capacity utilization, clear bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • Planning Board can be viewed based on Product/Unit/Batches/Process.
  • System facilitates pre – production listing of required raw materials and order based transfer of raw materials to production locations.
  • Integrated production status within scheduled task bar.
  • Easy tracking of a particular order’s production status in different batches at multiple locations.
  • Planning Board helps in smooth splitting of orders into multiple batches.
  • Enhanced tracking & Order Status Information for the purpose of customer reporting.
  • It serves as a single reference point which is fast, reliable and provides accurate & up to date information.


  • Generate shipping documents (Packing List, Custom Invoice, Shipping Bill, Commercial Invoice & bank documents).
  • Based on export shipment Invoice details, system updates the Accounts Receivables.
  • Track short shipments and left over items.
  • Complete Export & Import documentation management.
  • DDBK & EPC management and many more...


  • SAMS ERP is multi currency & multi database compatible.
  • Flexibility for user defined chart of accounts structure, account types, journals, controls for processing and balancing options.
  • Easily manage your cash flow, track and predict purchases, analyze expenditure while maintaining good vendor relationships.
  • Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing process, leverage automatic calculations and eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • System facilitates you to quickly and accurately reconcile all your bank accounts as well as perform bank transactions with pin point accuracy.
  • System reduces raw materials consumed & updates finished goods stock based on hourly/daily production.
  • System automatically updates COGS post buyer shipment entry.
  • Extract up-to- the-minute high level summaries and dynamically drill-down to detailed ledger transactions.
  • Quickly identify profitability with the Sage Intelligence profitability dashboards.

Thus, SAMS Apparel ERP effectively combines latest technological trends with traditional manufacturing system to implement new standards in business. This helps organisations to achieve maximum capacity utilization, clear production bottlenecks and increase productivity which ultimately drive business growth by increasing sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.