For any organization, security is the topmost priority and the lobby is the first line of defense. It is essential to keep a bird’s eye view of anyone entering & exiting the premise at any given time. Conventional means of handling visitors are becoming outdated. Physical logbooks and manual processes are eventually being replaced by modern visitor management systems that automate all tedious and repetitive tasks.

Let’s take a look at the various advantages of visitor management software over paper logbooks:

  1. Accurate: Visitor’s information is reported more appropriately and consistently. It also validates the details of visitors via OTP to make sure the information entered by the visitor is accurate.


  1. Pre- Register: This is one of the best advantages of VMS where security need not to maintain manual logbooks and re-enter visitor data every time they visit. Just pre-register your guests and send them an automated QR code-based SMS or e-mail invite. They can scan the QR code and check-in without any hassles.


  1. Capture images: With visitor management software, you can quickly capture images of your visitors and print badges with your business logo in a few seconds. These images can help you examine security violations.


  1. Track: It helps you track how many visitors are on your premises at the current moment and who’s their host. It enables you to search, organize, evaluate, and access visitor data at any given time.


  1. Frequent visitors: Visitor management software enables you to identify your frequent visitors. You may offer special treatment to your vendors and VIP guests. It helps your recurring visitors to check-in easily and seamlessly as the software already retains their details.


  1. Create an impact: With visitor management software make your visitors/guests feel important in your premises. Rather than taking them through the tedious process of filling in manual paper logbooks, a digitalized access system will create an everlasting impression. It also makes your visitors/guests feel secure and valuable.

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