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Find Some of best Time and Attendance Software Features

Keeping a track of employees’ time and attendance is highly essential as it sets the base for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration and so on. Furthermore, it is important that the employees meet the required time schedules. Paytek helps you in managing your time and attendance data effectively. It ensures that the employees can record their work time using Employee Self Service module, whilst you just record the data in the central HCM System. The time management module can also be synchronised effectively with the attendance – recording biometric/access card devices.

When your existing hardware is integrated with paytek’s attendance module, you can derive the benefits instantly by creating work shifts, defining attendance policy, tracking the entry & exit time of employees, keeping a track of work from home hours and much more. It also reduces the pain associated with manual uploads and other related tasks to a great extent.

Paytek is a payroll solution that caters to the particular needs of businesses having a globally distributed workforce with multiple office set ups spread across various geographical locations with a special feature to track employee movements in a highly secured environment. The employers get an option to record time and attendance in order to authenticate, trace and interact with employees at various levels. This smart HRMS system facilitates the seamless integration as well as accounting of time & attendance data for easy and accurate processing of payroll.

The traditional attendance recording systems such as biometric or access cards are expensive and their scope is limited as they do not cater to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce and hence paytek’s attendance management system can be configured on a smart phone aimed at addressing this challenge.

ID – paytek drives away the complex paperwork and manual maintenance of attendance and project timekeeping with this highly sophisticated module which automates your timekeeping related processes while minimizing the attendance policy errors. With ID – paytek, enhance your organization’s performance as well as manage your labour and workforce data more effectively.

Effectively manage the work hours by configuring the various shifts assigned to employees, systematically generate payroll based on actual work done and number of leaves taken, and manage each employee’s week off properly without any error. Also, every extra minute can be considered for the purpose of Overtime calculations.

This attendance management software along with its real – time analytics also provides rich insights into the attendance and time patterns of your employees by displaying employee availability across various office locations and facilitates you to tag an employee to a particular location.

Leave Management:

For every organization, especially in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), employee leave management is a highly crucial aspect. Keeping a clear and true record of employees is a must and should in organizations as it helps the management to track the employees’ performance. It indicates the level of commitment the employee has in his/her work. If an employee takes more leaves it clearly shows that he/she has less interest towards work. Such factors play a pivotal role in the success of the organization and cannot be ignored.

In such a scenario, a comprehensive HR software with integrated leave management tools helps you to keep an accurate track of the number of leaves taken including the sick leave, paid leave and the holidays an employee may be entitled to. With the set of user – defined parameters available in ID – paytek, leave management becomes much easier than ever before. These parameters allow the employees to effectively maintain leave data and information, apply for leave and get the approval from managers in a very hassle free manner.

Key Features:

  • A single screen displaying all information regarding leave entitlement, leave time, leave balance, history and paid – time etc.
  • Automated leave granting function on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Shift the task of applying for leave, getting approval, comp – off adjustments as well as cancellation completely in the hands of employees and their respective managers.

Furthermore, paytek being an integrated HR payroll solution with leave management feature helps you to conduct performance appraisals based on true and accurate information as human error is minimized to the maximum and therefore, it relieves the HR managers of keeping track of the leave count, employees’ diligence at work, work input etc.

These features allow the HR managers to exclusively focus on strategic work. All leave transactions of a particular employee are tracked and their respective leave balances automatically updated, thus allowing the HR managers to focus on other crucial areas. It is now time to get rid of those traditional leave cards and messy spreadsheets forever.