Canteen Management System

A canteen in an organization is usually provided as an additional subsidized facility for the welfare of its employees. At IDBS, we provide a complete paperless Solution to manage your canteen, food court and food coupon management, whether subsidized or non – subsidized. It has almost cashless transactions and the usage reports can be pulled anytime/anywhere.

Key features of our Canteen Management System:

  • This software completely automates the canteen management process and brings in a transparent system.
  • Automatic system of maintaining the coupons thereby saving manpower and increasing employee satisfaction.
  • It can be linked to the payroll system for direct debit facility.
  • It reduces the administrative efforts and costs.
  • It is web based and can easily be accessed anytime/anywhere.
  • It provides a user – friendly interface to manage the facilities and areas covering different groups of employees for an organization.
  • It increases efficiency and reduces redundancies and delays usually found during manual efforts.
  • This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple caterers operate in a closed environment.
  • It saves time in tallying up transactions, reduces errors and ensures smooth work flow.
  • It provides Information at your fingertips for immediate use.

Visitor Management System

One of the primary concerns of an organization is its security. Over the years, it has become difficult to control and manage the visitors in corporate offices. On one hand you have to maintain a strict control over the visitors, on the other hand you have to be cordial and friendly with them in order to create a visitor – friendly atmosphere.

Key features of our Visitor Management System:

  • The system can be integrated with a web cam, barcode reader, visiting card scanner, magnetic card scanner etc.
  • It facilitates to record and keep track of the number of visits made by a particular visitor.
  • The system checks the visitor – flow density and also generates reports such as counts and duration of visits
  • It is a web based software and can be accessed anytime/anywhere.