Smart Software Solutions

IDBS was incorporated in the year 2003 and is headquartered in Bangalore. The principle behind its formation is to build and implement great ideas that drive progress for clients and emphasize business through enterprise solutions.

We are very particular in delivering the solutions/services without compromising on the ideology and under all situations we make sure the chasm between the ‘quality and price’ is maintained.

IDBS’s software solutions covers whole range of big business capacities through a suite of products – Manufacturing suite suitable for Discrete Manufacturing or Process Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), complete HR Payroll Solution, fleet management  solution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Visitor management system, Employee Grievance App and Asset Management.

IDBS also provides various customer specific services like sage SDK development/customization, web & mobile app development/customization, tech support projects/services.


Our strong client base is spread across many geographical locations including India, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Tanzania and Bangladesh

IDBS Technology Partners