SAMS Apparel ERP

A perfect suite that automates the entire operations of garment manufacturing process

SAMS Apparel ERP is a perfect suite that automates the entire operations of garment manufacturing process.

This garment manufacturing software is exclusively designed for the garment manufacturing and export industry which aims at keeping a track of all the merchandising and shop floor operations like order lead management, costing, material planning and procurement, raw material processing, production planning, inventory management, EXIM process etc.


  • The system facilitates in classifying and maintaining domestic & export orders separately.
  • System allows you to update buyer orders with combination of shades and delivery dates.
  • Simple and effective costing with budgetary controls (Based on Quantity + tolerance).
  • Standard Templates can be created and used for repetitive tasks like costing, resource planning, BOM etc.
  • Provision to generate BOQ based on item color/size etc.
  • System auto generates item masters (Raw materials & Finished product) based on order confirmation and BOQ.
  • Provision to amend buyer orders with due authorization.
  • Buyer order Update based on multiple color or shade can be done at ease, and also a master BOQ can be generated for common items along with unique shade items.
  • Order based reconciliation and ascertainment of profitability.
  • Merchandisers can be grouped based on the buyers they manage.


  • Integration of multiple companies along with their resources.
  • Product based workflow creation.
  • Raw material allocation based on workflow.
  • Automated BOM for product assembly based on workflow.
  • Provision to create OB (Operation Bulletin) & SAM’s based workflow.
  • Provision to create customized startup allowance till peak production.
  • Auto transfer of rejected Semi finished/Finished goods to left over stores.
  • Order based rejection analysis can be done at ease.
  • Common Holiday List and Unit based holiday list can be set.


  • Single Planning Board for multiple companies.
  • Customizable planning boards.
  • Shared resource planning on common board (Ex. Cutting Units/Sewing Batches/Washing Units etc.).
  • Order Specific Material Status based on multiple locations/companies.
  • Through SAMS Production Planning, manufacturers can achieve maximum capacity utilization, clear bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • Planning Board can be viewed based on Product/Unit/Batches/Process.
  • System facilitates pre – production listing of required raw materials and order based transfer of raw materials to production locations.
  • Integrated production status within scheduled task bar.
  • Easy tracking of a particular order’s production status in different batches at multiple locations.
  • Planning Board helps in smooth splitting of orders into multiple batches.
  • Enhanced tracking & Order Status Information for the purpose of customer reporting.
  • It serves as a single reference point which is fast, reliable and provides accurate & up to date information.


  • Generate shipping documents (Packing List, Custom Invoice, Shipping Bill, Commercial Invoice & bank documents).
  • Based on export shipment Invoice details, system updates the Accounts Receivables.
  • Track short shipments and left over items.
  • Complete Export & Import documentation management.
  • DDBK & EPC management and many more…


  • SAMS ERP is multi-currency & multi database compatible.
  • Flexibility for user defined chart of accounts structure, account types, journals, controls for processing and balancing options.
  • Easily manage your cash flow, track and predict purchases, analyze expenditure while maintaining good vendor relationships.
  • Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing process, leverage automatic calculations and eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • System facilitates you to quickly and accurately reconcile all your bank accounts as well as perform bank transactions with pin point accuracy.
  • System reduces raw materials consumed & updates finished goods stock based on hourly/daily production.
  • System automatically updates COGS post buyer shipment entry.
  • Extract up-to- the-minute high level summaries and dynamically drill-down to detailed ledger transactions.
  • Quickly identify profitability with the Sage Intelligence profitability dashboards.