Potential leads to Customer conversion with integrated Support & Work Flow System

This tool is designed to streamline your sales process and customer service. It helps you manage potential clients and close sales quickly. The system includes a support ticket feature with a flexible workflow and real-time updates for customers. It also offers effective team management, task distribution, and time tracking through a calendar interface. Additionally, it allows for digital document storage for easy access and retrieval. You can register services or job cards, which follow a dynamic workflow until completion, and it comes with integrated billing functionality.

Key Features
  • Bulk Contact Management
  • Leads, Prospects & Follow-Up
  • Lead Tracking & Monitoring
  • Customer Support Tickets
  • Ticket Lifecycle Automation
  • Internal Task Flow Management
  • File & Documents Management
  • Service Job Cards & Billing
  • Visitor Register Management
  • Bulk Contacts Import / Export
  • Web Panels (Customer & Agency)
  • Alerts (SMS / Email)
  • Dashboard & Analytics

Modular Overview

Provides Complete Control of Your Garment Business