Customer Relation Management

Lead Manager

One simple tool that help you track & close your deals faster

Accelerate your business and gain total control of your sales with our interactive tools that helps you close your deals faster. Grow your business in quick time with FIT CRM a software crafted to be simple & effective. All your contacts in one place, which means you will be able to gain total control of prospects across various data groups and followup prospects through dedicated team members who have the eligibility to access critical data information. Each of executive will be notified of their daily followup calls with complete insight of the prosepects against dynamic user parameters. FIT is not limiting its offering as a followup tool but also helps you see the performance of your team members and managers with time utilization against various activities of marketing. Easy import of export of contact information will help you automate your social media campaigning instantly.


  • Your business on your finger tips
  • Instantly track potential opportunities
  • Categorize your prospects for easy evaluation
  • Followup details with action grouping
  • Quick closures of deals wisth hands on information
  • Business on your mobile anywhere anytime
  • Team based lead followp with Data Groups
  • Sales team travel & activity monitor
  • Instant Upload & Download of data for Campaigns
  • Live Chat & Messaging
  • Automated E-mails & SMS

Support Desk

A true customer support is not limited to managing customer tickets

An easy customer service software that is highly scaleable with dynamic task flow management within all working departments.

Link your customer complaints directly to work departments of your company. Assign dynamic taks for early closure of your customer tickets and FIT makes internal task management intuitive & friendly. A dashboard that drives action within team to ensure successful closure of all customer tickets on time. A 360 degree view of your customer complaints and status enabled with a dynamic Work Flow and historical information about the action and time spent to resolve the problems reported by your customer. FIT does not only help you in solving you customer tickets but also provide internal task control and work assignments to work teams and track the performance.


  • Exclusive Panels for Customers & Agency
  • Integrated Service Tickets
  • Dynamic Task Flow across team against support tickets
  • Internal task assignment for Teams
  • Work Accountabily for all members
  • Deviation Reports on accoutabile Work Hours
  • Dashboard analysis for detailed pening tasks & closures
  • Hierarchy based alert reporting on work deviations
  • Customer Service with integrated Billing
  • Live Chat & Messaging
  • Automated E-mails & SMS