Supply Chain Management

For Branding & Distribution

  • 100% Web Enabled Application

  • Centralised Data Server

FIT- Supply Chain helps in automation of the entire Warehousing & Distribution that include order management, Planning, Dispatch and Retailing all under a single network. Core functions include Digital Cataloging, Web Orders, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Invoicing and Price management. FIT supports distributed warehouse management and remote dispatch planning.

Distribution is the most cumbersome area of any business especially when the network and the customer bases are large. FIT-SCM helps in automation of the entire business from warehousing, distribution and retailing under a single network through its web-enabled SCM module. The FIT-SCM would cover from the basic functionalities of unique digital cataloging, Orders on Web, Customer Relation including status updates, Sales monitoring, Employee Reporting, Automated FIFO based despatch, Invoicing, complete branding functions with territory based costing and overhead monitoring functionalities.


  • Warehousing & Invoicing
  • Price List Management
  • Discounts & Schemes
  • Barcoding
  • MIS Query Reporting
  • Bills Receivable & Payables
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Customer Portal
  • Online Store (B2C)
  • Retail Chain Panel
  • Financial Accounting
  • Multi Packing Barcodes
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mobile Access **
  • Offline Store
  • Automated SMS & E-mails
  • Custom Home Page (1 Option)
  • Warehouse Location

Warehousing & Distribution

FIT-WHM helps in automation of warehousing, distribution under a single network through its web-enabled Warehouse management module. The FIT-WHM provides unique digital cataloging, Orders on Web & Dispatch linked to Plan Cards, Multiple Warehouse Operations through controlled Planning & Merchandising.

Retail Management

FIT-POS is used as a cash register in retail shops to record daily transactions of the shop. FIT-POS can track Inventory, print Informative Invoices and Receipts, handle Payments. The product shall work with Bar-code readers and is totally integrated to the central SCM application used at the Warehouse operations.

Dynamic E-commerce

FIT- Commerce is a ready marketplace platform to dynamically create your Online & Offline stores to sell your goods. The platform supports both B2B & B2C customer channels and provides total control of your wholesale and retail business. A complete backward integration to the primary Supply Chain system helps auto replenishment and distribution to your stores and clients with ease.

Financial Accounting System

FIT-FAS is powerful Financial Accounting software integrated to the FIT-ERP, where all the accounting transactions are directly posted from the layers of the FIT-ERP application. This takes away the burden of financial Department by avoiding duplication and the manual errors of the financial department.